The Best Website Hosting

If you are using your website in any kind of way to help your business, then you need to have reliable reseller hosting Uk. Reliable does not just mean everything runs fine right now, it means that when your business grows and gets the attention of someone who can send a ton of traffic your way (maybe Oprah?) then your website will stay online instead of being overloaded and your website host has to take it offline.

No one wants this, but how do you know if it will happen? The key lies in your website hosting.

The Problem With Shared Hosting

If your website is on shared hosting then it is very likely that a spike in traffic will cause your website to be taken offline. You should look at the roundup on Mangomatter Media, to see if they can help you with your web hosting.

I have seen this happen on many occasions and from the hosting provider’s perspective, it makes sense.

Simply put, website hosting is just a group of computers (servers) that store your website files. To load your files to a single visitor, the server needs to use some of it’s power to give them the file, just like your own computer does. When 10,000 people want that file at the same time then it’s going to take more processing power. If the server doesn’t have the power to do this, then it’s going to take a really long time or it’s going to crash, this is why people choose the server that has the best capacity for their needs like ServerMania.

On shared hosting, your website is on a server that is shared by other websites. What if the other websites are featured on Oprah? What happens to your site?

If you are on a good shared host, then just the site that is overloading the server will be taken down. Other shared hosts will take down the whole server which will affect all the websites hosted on it, including yours.

So how do you avoid this from happening?

If we start at the top sites that deal with this issue, Facebook and Google have a huge number of servers all joined together so that if one of them goes down it doesn’t affect their systems. This costs them millions of dollars and it’s still not not 100% bullet proof.

Yes, even Facebook and Google still have website uptime issues.

Our Website Hosting Recommendations

We have tried and tested a lot of different hosting platforms with high traffic websites that require a lot of processing power and we’ve settled on a few options that we’ve found to be the most reliable, have the best support and make sure your website is online and performing it’s best.


For WordPress hosting only.

WPengine are our number 1 recommended WordPress website hosting partner because of their industry leading focus on security, performance and reliability.

They do not provide email services so they can focus on hosting. We use them for our own website, for ecommerce sites and large news websites. They are superb.

For the month of May, 2015 they a running a promotion to give 3 months free when you sign up for a 12 month plan. Use the coupon POOLPARTY3 to get the discount.

Sign up for WPengine here (use code POOLPARTY3 for 3 months free)


For website and email hosting.

We recommend Siteground for high quality, shared website hosting and email services. They are easy to use, have awesome support and the sites run super fast. Their shared hosting is fantastic and really great value, although not our recommendation for large sites, ecommerce sites or maximum reliability. They are really great though, we have many successful client sites that are hosted with Siteground, even large sites and ecommerce sites.

They recently introduced their Cloud hosting platform which we are currently testing at the moment and has been working great.

Sign up for Siteground here (and get 60% off)

Email Hosting

When it comes to email hosting, we do not have a single recommended provider as there are a few options to suit different needs. All of these options require a small amount of technical skill to set up and each provider has thorough documentation to help you get up and running.

Google Apps – when you need more than just email and have technical skills to set it up. This is what we use at Renegade Empire and we love it. Sign up for Google Apps here.

Rackspace email – we haven’t used this ourselves, but it comes highly recommended.

CrazyDomains – we have quite a few clients that have used Crazy domains email without issue. I do not recommend hosting websites with them though.

I hope this article helps to explain why you need to invest in high quality web site hosting to make make sure your site is always performing it’s best.