You know the power of online marketing, but if you don’t have a plan in place then it can be difficult to know how to start and how to get your message out amidst the constant flow of information online.

The below 4 steps will help to get you started with an easy to implement a digital marketing plan in just a few hours each month.

1. Send an Email to Your List

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Send an email update to your list on a consistent schedule and always include something valuable for your audience. Don’t just go for the hard sell.

Our top recommendations:

  • Send the email on a consistent schedule. If you’re just starting out, we recommend monthly emails to give you time to build your content.
  • Don’t include all the content in the email, link to your website to read the rest of the content, such as a blog post.
  • Personalise the email by including the recipient’s name. All of the major email providers allow you to do this (Mailchimp, Aweber, Drip, Get Response)
  • Experiment with different subject lines to improve your open rate

2. Write a Blog Post

Content is king and your website’s blog is the best place to produce this content.

A collection of useful articles on your blog is an asset to your business as it grows you website’s visibility in search engines, gives you a catalog of articles you can point your customer service platform to when they are looking for more information about a topic, and the content positions you as an expert within your niche.

A creative way to make money blogging is to sell your own advertising space on your website. I’ve seen this done on many blogs with success. Just remember that the ad space you sell should be related to the niche your blog falls into. I wouldn’t recommend selling ad space to a candle collector blogger if your blog is about new and upcoming technology.

If you were looking for something which is really authentic and result oriented, blogging would be just what you always wanted to do. Blogging seems to be the new craze amongst the online community but a very few actually know that you can earn handsomely through blogging. You can share your personal feelings, interact with people, give your views regarding some social or political event in the world and most of all, you can actually make money blogging and quite reasonably too. Selling ad space or establishing ad programs through services like BlogAds. Google’s AdSense is a good way to make money blogging. Through AdSense, several ads can be selected by you that would be consistent with your blog’s content. The number of clicks on the posted ads decides the extent to which you can make money blogging. BlogAds helps bloggers to make money blogging by hooking them up with prospective advertisers. AdSense is free whereas BlogAds demands a commission for any ad being placed by prospective advertisers.

Our top recommendations:

3. Engage Within Social Media and use of PR

Social media isn’t just about posting updates on what you’re eating or where you’re travelling, it’s about engagement.

Connect with your audience and grow a following by posting content that is useful to them. Show you care by asking questions, making connections and contributing to conversations. PR is important to increase sales and gain customers, it aims to inform the public, including your potential customers and business partners.

Our top recommendations:

  • Post new updates at least a few times per week
  • Images perform much better than text so always include a photo with your post to increase engagement and reach
  • Use hashtags to improve your reach and target a specific audience
  • Use a social media management tool to schedule in your posts, such as the built-in Facebook post scheduler, CoSchedule, Hootsuite and Buffer.

4. Always Provide Value to Your Audience

When you are sharing content with your audience, always think of what they would want to read and what would provide them value.

Sure it’s great to talk about yourself and what’s going on in your business, but the best results come from useful, engaging and visual content that your audience is genuinely interested in.

When you’re not sure what to share, I suggest looking at others in your industry to see what is working for them. Check out your competitor’s posts on social networks – what are they posting? What posts are getting high levels of engagement?

Your online marketing will get consistent growth from simply being consistent and spending a few hours each month on producing valuable content and sharing it with your audience.

The above steps can help to get you on the right path to a simple online marketing plan that works.

What are you doing consistently to improve your online marketing? Is it working? Are you having trouble with getting started? Let me know in the comments.