Has your website been hacked?

If so, do not read this post – go straight to Sucuri.net, sign up to their US$89.99/year plan and submit a malware request. Your site will be cleaned in less than 24 hours (usually much less, even with very large sites). Sucuri will then automatically scan your site for malware every 6 hours and fix any future malware issues as part of the subscription.

Sucuri Security

You didn’t think it would happen to you. But it did.

Your website has been hacked.

The unfortunate reality of running a website is that it is publicly available to everyone, including hackers. These attackers are not usually actual people, they are mostly scripts written by people that can automatically scan through the web looking for vulnerable websites to hack.

In a similar way to your immune system constantly fighting off viruses and bugs, your web server is constantly fighting off spam and attackers. Prevention is the key and choosing a reliable web host and keeping your website software up to date is the most essential first line of defence.

If you’re site does get hacked, it is incredibly important to have the malware removed as quickly as possible and your site’s integrity checked so you will not get hacked again. Fortunately, there is a great online service that will remove your malware and provide you with steps to re-secure your site.

Step 1 of 1: Get Sucuri.net to do it

Sucuri.net are website security geniuses. For less than $100 per year you get website security scans at least four times per day, unlimited malware removal requests and the support of their expert security team.

Website hacked? They fix it.

Exploit found on commonly used web software? They regularly find these and give detailed information about how widespread the issue is and how to protect your site from it. This is given out – for free – via their security blog.

You can opt to receive a weekly report on the result of your security scans just to be sure and if you run multiple sites you can get a discount for multiple subscriptions.

Complete Protection – Website Firewall

Sucuri’s ultimate prevention tool is their website firewall which proactively patches any issues in your server or web application before you even fix the issue so the vulnerability is not exposed. The firewall also speeds up your website by using caching and a Content Delivery Network. This level of protection and performance is from US$9.99/month (US$19.99/month if you need SSL) and will prevent your site from being hacked, even if it is not secure. It’s incredible.

Sucuri's firewall protected against these website issues

Sucuri’s website firewall showing the source of the prevented attacks

Sucuri are the leaders and the yearly cost is minimal compared to the impact an infected site could have to your business. Keep your site protected – we recommend Sucuri.net to all website owners.

Considerations for a secure website

It’s not enough to just react to a hacked site, you need to make sure your site won’t get hacked in the first place. I’ll just briefly touch on the most important aspects of keeping your site secure and go into detail in another post. Here are the key aspects of maintaining a secure website:

  • Use quality web hosting (we recommend Siteground or WP Engine)
  • Backup your site daily
  • Use secure passwords
  • Keep your website software up to date, including your content management system and plugins
  • Only use themes and plugins from trustworthy providers that provide regular patches and updates
  • Use Sucuri.net security scanning to monitor your site
  • Use an SSL certificate to encrypt traffic

Disclaimer: this post uses affiliate links. We highly recommend Siteground, WP Engine and Sucuri and we have tested and use these services on our own site and our client websites.