Ahhh Valentine’s Day…. Some people are all for the sentiment of a day dedicated to showering their significant other with affection and roses.

Some others, like us, enjoy dulling the consumerism and overall corniness with some laughs at the expense of, well everyone.

So here are our top 5 designers of hilariously unconventional Valentine’s day cards that are sure to make you laugh out loud.


5. Chris Bishop – Game of Thrones Valentines

Anyone, who knows anything about Game of Thrones is sure to get a huge kick out of these. Chris Bishop is on wildfire…(sorry we had to).



4. Able and Game – Romantic Cards

Fellow Melburnians Able and Game are in a class of their own when it comes to off beat hilarity. Exhibit A.




3. Diamond Donatello – G Cards

For the best rap themed Valentines cards look no further….And that Kanye card tho.




2. Anything to do with Breaking Bad

The amazing power of the internet has come up with the Breaking Bad x Valentines phenomenon, that will have you spending hours on google images basking in the never-ending puns. Here is one of our favourites.




1. Ben Kling –  Dictators Valentines

Politically incorrect and ever so witty, Ben Kling wins for the sheer genius behind these inappropriate corkers!