All your company’s departments have been working on it for months – each milestone was hit, the graphics are amazing, the content is perfect and several rounds of testing have made sure everything is rock solid.

Now is the time. You’re finally going to launch your new website!

The web team make the changes and tell you to refresh your web browser and like magic, the new website is live.

You look over the site and it looks exactly like it did on the development server – everything is in place as it should. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, then excitement kicks in and you remember why you built the site in the first place – it’s your marketing machine! Fist bumps and high fives all around for how much this is going to help boost the business. Contact Local Brand Advisor if you wish compete and succeed online.

Then you wait. Nothing seems to happen.

You view your analytics and see that traffic has gone up during the launch – exciting! Oh wait, you forgot to exclude your team’s IP addresses from the reports… that’s just you refreshing the page over and over again…

You’re still optimistic (albeit slightly deflated) so you continue business as usual and wait a few days to re-check how the website is doing later.

Surely if you build it they will come, right?

This is an all too common scenario when a new website is launched for a business – it’s just expected that it will generate traffic and improve marketing on it’s own, the truth is you need the best marketing automation tools! In some ways this is true, but this kind of organic traffic can take a long time to develop and definitely doesn’t happen overnight. To give your new site the promotion and marketing boost it deserves, you need to do some online advertising, you need to read the information provided at

With online advertising you can target a specific segment of user’s and search keywords to show ads to your exact target market.

Think of it this way:

You have a physical shop. Your signage faces a street with some foot and car traffic, but it’s hardly a main road. A decent amount of people see the shop, but you are not sure if they are your exact target market.


Online advertising is like putting your businesses marketing on a super highway where the only people that see your advertisement are they people that are looking for it – the exact target market that you can specify.

It sounds incredible because it is. It’s incredibly effective, affordable and you can directly measure the impact is has on the revenue generated from your website.

Already advertising on multiple mediums?

Easy, you can segment the source of your leads to see which channel is most effective.

Sell via the phone?

That’s fine, Google Adwords offer advertising phone numbers that can be tracked to show how many direct leads you get from your ads.

Don’t sell directly via your website?

That’s fine too, you can estimate leads values and track how each ad impacts on your lead generation. Streaming services are huge now. If you launch a streaming service without the right tech stack and the videos having to constantly buffer why would anyone come? All the major companies that have TV services have their shows available for streaming now too. starz encore and HBO are two great examples.

The potential is really endless and the reporting ensures you know exactly what you’re getting for your marketing spend.

Back to the issue at hand – with your new website ready to go, it is a lead generation tool just waiting for traffic. Why not funnel your exact target customer directly to your site?

Now, time for us to do the selling. We’ve been working with online advertising and inbound marketing since 2010 and we make sure our clients’ campaigns are successful. From ecommerce sites to news publications to brand awareness publications, we can position your business directly in front of your target customers and give you the edge over the competition. Get in touch with us to find out how.