Taking Care Mobile Massage: Web Design & SEO

Web design / Copywriting / SEO / Marketing Funnel / Website Support

Taking Care Mobile Massage specialises in massage for over 55s in greater Melbourne.

Founders Sandra and Simon wanted to grow the company to serve more clients and needed a new website to help support this growth without needing to spend more money on advertising.

They wanted a way to promote their services to new partners and to provide useful information on the benefits of massage for Australian seniors so they could attract more clients without taking more time from their support staff. 

We worked closely with the TCMM team to create a website strategy that would help position their company as an industry leader while attracting more ideal clients from Google and getting more massage bookings via their website.

Results since the new website launched:

  • Over 40% increase in online enquiries. 
  • Organic search traffic increased 309% compared to the previous year for the same period.
  • Top 5 ranking in Google for over 5 relevant search keywords and multiple top 10 rankings.
Taking Care Mobile Massage Web Design
Taking Care Mobile Massage Organic Search Screenshot Google Analytics
Screenshot shows the organic traffic to the website before and after the new site was launched.

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