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Are you feeling a bit lost when it comes to SEO? Let us help guide you on your journey. Our comprehensive SEO assessment will identify where you currently stand and create a tailored plan for growth.

"The reason Simon stands out from the crowd is that he is kind of like a unicorn. He has such a well-rounded knowledge that brings everything together. I’ve been working with him for years and will continue to do so."
David Jenyns

More Than Just Another SEO Audit

Traditional SEO audits can be overwhelming and not very helpful as they are typically long, overly technical and lacking actionable insights.

That’s why our SEO assessment takes a different approach.

It’s a bird’s eye view of the most important aspects of your website. We’ll provide a clear overview of opportunities for improvement and actionable recommendations.

Actionable SEO Insights That Won't Break The Bank

Unlike other agencies that charge thousands of dollars for a computer-generated report with little practical advice, our assessment is priced at $750 + GST.

We also know that waiting for an audit can be frustrating. That’s why our assessment only takes five business days.

Our team uses software to gather data efficiently, but it’s the human analysis and expert recommendations that truly sets our SEO assessment apart.

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One-time investment of $750 + GST.
Delivered in 5 business days. 

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An SEO Assessment Is Where SEO Starts

With our SEO Assessment, you’ll have the analysis, strategy and roadmap with clear action items to execute. This is not the end of the SEO process – this is where it starts.

We offer the below SEO services to help you take action on the opportunities we’ll identify in the SEO assessment so you can grow your business. 

SEO Accelerator

Get your SEO foundations set up the right way, so you’re ready for growth. 

Monthly SEO

Get ongoing SEO services to grow your rankings, traffic and conversions.

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