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Scale Your Business with SYSTEMology®

Get your critical business systems documented in as little as 90 days by a certified SYSTEMologist so your business can scale, without being dependent on key staff members (including the business owner).

"The reason Simon stands out from the crowd is that he is kind of like a unicorn. He has such a well-rounded knowledge that brings everything together. I’ve been working with him for years and will continue to do so."
David Jenyns
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Make Your Business More Efficient, Effective, and Valuable

Are you tired of feeling chained to your business? Do you struggle to find time for the things that matter most because you’re constantly putting out fires and fixing problems?

Do you want to someday exit your business but worry that it’s not in good enough shape to sell for a high price or even to get someone to manage it for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to check out SYSTEMology.

Scale with SYSTEMology​

Create a Thriving, Systems-Driven Business That Can Run Without You

By extracting and documenting your systems with SYSTEMology, you’ll be able to:

Free up time

No more wasting time trying to remember how to do things or hunting down information. With clear, documented systems in place, you and your team will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Reduce errors

Disorganised systems and processes lead to mistakes, which can be costly in terms of both time and money. By documenting and standardising your systems, you’ll be able to eliminate many of the errors that are currently costing you.

Scale your profits

With systems in place, it’s easier to train new team members and scale your business. You’ll be able to handle more customers and clients without getting overwhelmed, which means more profits for you.

The System

What is SYSTEMology?

SYSTEMology is a proven process to turn an owner-dependant business into one that runs like a well-oiled machine.

It works by extracting the knowledge in your company and turning it into step-by-step systems that are easy to find and securely access by everyone on your team.

By documenting the knowledge in your business, you’ll be able to easy train new staff, delegate tasks and free up your team’s capacity so you can grow your business with confidence.

SYSTEMology Stages Model
The 7 stages of SYSTEMology
SYSTEMology Training Session With David Jenyns
SYSTEMology founder David Jenyns teaching systems

The Results

How Does SYSTEMology Work?

Most business owners know the value of systems, but they’re not the best person to be creating step-by-step work instructions.

Often times this task of creating systems is hand-balled to someone else on the team, but even they don’t quite have the skills or training to create systems successfully, and (through no fault of their own) end up with an unorganised mess of outdated systems that no one uses…

SYSTEMology works because it takes a different approach.

The SYSTEMology process works by starting where the business generates recurring profits and focuses on creating these money-making systems first.

Once your business is making money without being dependent on key people, then that’s where the true power of systems really lies…

More time. Fewer errors. Scalable profits.

The SYSTEMology process is trusted by hundreds of business worldwide (see SYSTEMology reviews here) and now it’s your turn.

Book in a systems intro call and we’ll show you how to get your systems sorted with SYSTEMology.

Our Process

How We Apply SYSTEMology

Our SYSTEMology consulting services are tailored to your specific needs while following the proven SYSTEMology process.

We’ll work with you to identify your key systems and processes and then help you document them in a way that’s easy to understand and follow. We’ll also provide support to ensure your team can use the new systems effectively.

1. Define Your Critical Systems

We’ll start with a Critical Client Flow (CCF) session to define the exact systems your business needs to operate without key person dependency.

2. Document & Organise

Then, we’ll work with your team to extract the knowledge in your business and turn it into easy-to-follow documentation.

3. Scale Your Profits

With your systems documented and your team following them, you’ll have more time, fewer errors and the increased capacity your business needs to grow.

Don’t let a lack of systems hold you back any longer.

Contact us to learn how SYSTEMology can help your business go from chaos to clarity.

Simon Kelly Event Profile Photo
Simon Kelly - certified SYSTEMologist based in Melbourne, Australia

Meet Your SYSTEMologist

Hi, I'm Simon Kelly

Want to get more leverage from your business systems?

Are you frustrated by the amount of time you spend in your business instead of on your business?

With the proven SYSTEMology process, you can use systems in your business to free up time, reduce errors and scale your profits in as little as 90 days.

I’ve been running a web design agency since 2009, and I’ve always known the power of systems.

When I first heard about SYSTEMology from David Jenyns, I knew it would be a game changer.

I loved it so much that I put it into practice in my own business and have made it my mission to help as many business owners implement SYSTEMology as possible.

I believe all business owners deserve to achieve “Complete Business Reliability”.

As a certified SYSTEMologist, I have been trained and authorised to deliver SYSTEMology services – from group programs to done-for-you services. There are a few ways I can help you and I will tailor our approach depending on your objectives.

That said, regardless of how we work together, I will follow be following the 7 stages of SYSTEMology (it’s a proven process for a reason!)

If you’d like to learn more about systems, SYSTEMology and chat about how they can help your business, then get I’d love to connect with you.

Just don’t leave it too long – the best time to start systemising your business was last year, the next best time is today 🙂

You can reach me on LinkedIn, via email or book a systems intro call to learn more.

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