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Let us know what you need and if it’s included within your monthly website care plan, we’ll get straight onto it (usually within 1-2 business days).

The clearer you can be with the details, the faster we can get it done for you. 

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    These tips will help you create a request that can be clearly understood by our team so we best assist you.

    1. Keep your request clear and specific.
    2. Include the URLs of the page(s) you are referring to.
    3. For issues, please include the steps to replicate the issue.
    4. Use screenshots or short video recordings (we highly recommend Loom).
    5. To provide text content, please create a new Google Document and share the document with 

    We’ll ask any clarifying questions if there’s anything missing or we’re not sure about before we get started.

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    Support FAQs

    The clearer your request is, the faster and more accurately we can complete it for you.

    If you’re an existing client and the request is included in your care plan, we’ll action it right away. If it’s not included, we’ll let you know and from there we can provide a quote and timeline before we begin.

    Here are the timeframes for the thee most common types of requests:

    1. Small task: within 1-3 business days
    2. Big task: within 2 weeks
    3. Project: we’ll let you know the timeframe once the project brief is approved.

    To help make it easier for you to know what to expect, we group requests into three types: Small Tasks, Big Tasks and Projects.

     Small Tasks:

    • Small tasks are website content or code adjustments that take 30 minutes or less.
    • Examples: adding content, changing configuration of a plugin, or small design tweaks,
    • Does not include: writing the content for you, designing something from scratch, adding in an e-commerce store, etc.
    • Timeframe: 1-3 business days

    Big Tasks:

    • Big tasks take more than 30 minutes but less than half a day, have multiple steps or require specialist skills (such as design, copywriting or complex code).
    • Big task examples: creating a new web page, designing a promotional image, installing and configuring a WordPress/Shopify plugin, updating an existing Facebook ad, sending an email campaign, writing a blog post, etc.
    • Timeframe: 1-2 weeks


    • Projects have a specific objective and require a strategy, plan and multiple steps.
    • All projects require a brief to be completed and agreed before we begin.
    • Project examples: developing an email nurture sequence, creating a Facebook campaign for products, adding in an e-commerce store, writing a series of blog posts, improving search engine traffic.
    • Timeframe: requires scoping process.

    Not sure? We’re here to help, so go ahead and send us the details of your request and we’ll help guide the next steps.


    Absolutely, you can schedule in a call at a time that works for you here: 

    All calls are via Zoom.

    Call time will be deducted from your website care plan time.