goodMix Superfoods

Web design / E-commerce

goodMix creates healthy superfood blends to promote gut health. We worked closely with their team to design an e-commerce website that could support them as they grow.

Check out their fantastic products and healthy recipes on their website.

The Brief

The team at Goodmix approached us as they were outgrowing their current e-commerce platform and needed something that could help take their new business to the next level.

They had multiple types of customers, including retail, wholesale and market buyers and needed to show different products and pricing to each type of customer.

Goodmix needed a great looking design to match their branding and attract new customers, a more powerful e-commerce platform to handle products display and orders more efficiently, and a web content management system to produce content marketing to expand their brand’s reach.

Our Approach

Prior to the new website launching, we created a coming soon page and connected it to an email subscriber system to entice sign ups with a pre-launch special offer.

We custom designed a responsive website theme to match the Goodmix branding, showcase the products and present useful information beautifully for desktop, tablet and mobile visitors.

The mobile-friendly shop ensures Goodmix can effectively sell to over 50% of potential customers that access the shop from a mobile or tablet device.

We chose the WooCommerce platform for the shop to allow the team at Goodmix to easily add and manage products and customer orders which saves Goodmix time and administration costs.

To allow Goodmix to selectively price and sell their products at different prices to different types of customers, we created customers groups and restricted product categories.

We integrated an affiliate system and points system that gives certain customer groups the ability to generate points based on referrals that they bring to the shop for a successful sale. These points are then used to discount future purchases within the shop.

The affiliate system has resulted in higher visibility, increased traffic and increased sales and uses Goodmix’s own customers to promote the shop through the incentivised points system.

The Results



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