Tripshot Transportation Management Software

Web design / lead nurture funnel / Copywriting

We worked with Silicon Valley company Trishot to create a new brand identity, an authority building website and a re-design of their transportation software so they could be seen as leaders in their space and win more contracts. 

The Brief

Tripshot is a software company based in San Francisco, California. Improving the way people commute, they aim to make it more efficient by having fewer vehicles on the road, reducing employees’ stress and boosting productivity using their Tripshot software and smartphone app.

Tripshot first approached Renegade Empire to increase their visibility online, attract new customers and position themselves as an authority within the corporate commuting and transportation space. They had started a Wix website that was in need of improvement for better user experience. They also had a simple logo and brand that they wanted to improve.

Aspiring to penetrate the demands of corporate commuting on big tech companies in Silicon Valley where competition is high, Tripshot needed a more compelling impact that will make them look good and position them as a leading company in their industry.

What inspired us to work with Tripshot was the passion their team has behind their vision to improve the commute experience, for productivity, general health and environmental impact.

Our Approach

Since we knew what Tripshot wanted, we started digging deeper to find out what they need to get there. We performed our discovery process to learn more about the corporate commuting landscape and their key competitors. We looked up Google Adwords campaigns, landing pages, marketing messages and the ads that were being used by other companies to see where Tripshot could get a competitive advantage.

We developed a strategy to redesign their logo, brand assets, and website. As part of rebuilding their brand, we created website copy and worked on a writing style that would appeal most to their ideal target market.

We develop a complete digital marketing strategy to attract, capture and convert new leads on their website, starting within Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. The strategy includes regular article writing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Adwords and a lead capture funnel built into WordPress.

The Result

Since the launch of the new website and marketing strategy, Tripshot successfully generated multiple leads from large Silicon Valley tech companies. Tripshot has also improved their sales process with redesigned sales deck, proposal and cohesive brand strategy.

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